Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day Round of 16 (Sat/Sun) predictions

The Saturday bracket will produce an outside semi-finalist. Uruguay has history but nothing in the recent past. South Korea was a semi-finalist 4 years ago and may match that again. The US scraped through and will get a rematch with Ghana. Any of these teams will have to fancy their chances of making the semi-finals.

In the opener I am jumping on the South American bandwagon and taking Uruguay. South Korea will hustle and bustle but don’t see them having enough to finish off Uruguay.

As for the US, I’m cautiously optimistic. I think the goal against Algeria will push them on against Ghanaians who may have used up all their luck. Of course, it will depend on the first 10 minutes. Survive that and the Americans will nick a goal and possibly a second as Ghana press.

Sunday could be absolute magic, with mouthwatering fixtures and possibilities.

England and Germany should be the game of the tournament but won’t be. I fancy the Germans in the game because they have been playing attractive football, which will unbalance a shaky English defense. Going forward England have not impressed and I don’t see them getting through Mertesacker and Freidrich. However, injuries to Schweni and Cacau for the Germans could be a factor.

Then comes Mexico/Argentina, a rematch of 2006 Round of 16. Argentina will surely score a goal. Can Mexico score one or two to win? Don’t think so. Don’t see how the Mexicans will hold on the ball enough to create enough dangerous chances.

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