Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 5

Skipped Slovakia/New Zealand game. Looks like the Kiwis grabbed a late point, which I think will hurt Slovakia’s chances of sneaking past Paraguay or Italy for second.

Portugal/Ivory Coast was painful. Between the diving and poor touches, there just wasn’t much to it. C.Ronaldo’s bomb smashed against the outside of the post; other than that he was crying baby. Portugal looked the same as qualifying--lots of passing side to side with no edge in the attack. Ivory Coast were compact and tough in the challenge. Gervinho was decent up top. I would have liked to seen Zokora in midfield instead of the back. Drogba came on the end but didn’t do much.

I was working the front desk so I couldn’t watch the Brazil/North Korea match, which had the twitterverse abuzz. Sounds like Brazil were less than impressive, while North Korea made a brave showing, even scoring a late one. I think this is a blessing for Brazil and will cause them to focus and rip Portugal and Ivory Coast apart.

Tomorrow Spain finally plays. The opening games in this group should be interesting. Chile will press and could get an early goal. Hopefully both teams go for it. I think Switzerland will keep it close with Spain, which will still allow the Swiss to progress should they find the points.

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