Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 7

Argentina played well and South Korea were unfortunate to get something more out of the game. Demichelis’ error let the South Koreans back in the game and until Higuain tapped in to make it 3-1, there was a chance for a draw. After that, it was show time, with Aguero coming and providing a lovely touch for Higuain’s third. For me, Argentina will struggle in the knockout stage, where they will be up against teams that will punish their mistakes and their wastefulness in front of goal.

I didn’t watch Nigeria/Greece. Before the tournament I picked a Greece 1-0 victory, so when I saw online that Nigeria went up 1-0, I thought I was sunk. Greece had never scored a goal at a World Cup Finals match so to expect them to get 2 was a dream. And then Kaita got sent off. The winner was fortunate to put it mildly. How keepers cannot put their bodies behind the ball is beyond me. So now Greece have given themselves a lifeline and will have to figure out a way to beat Argentina. Nigeria met my expectations, which were extremely low.

That brings up to France and Mexico. France are now the worst team at this tournament. They should forfeit the final game and just go home. Here some of my tweets during the game:
Can Laurent Blanc coach the last game for #FRA? #worldcup
Get the fork ready for #FRA. #worldcup
Imagine if Anelka was any good for #FRA. #worldcup

Mexico did enough, with the first goal having a hint of offside, but you take what you can get. Mexico now have a real chance to win the group and avoiding Argentina.

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