Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 15 Group H Review

Group H


1 Spain 7

2 Chile 5

3 Switzerland 4

4 Honduras 0


1 Spain 6

2 Chile 6

3 Switzerland 4

4 Honduras 1

If you take away Switzerland’s 1-0 victory over Spain in the opener, I did pretty well in this group.

Spain are not quite on song. Villa is scoring but missing lots of chances; Torres is ineffective; lots of possession but not dominating; defense looks solid but prone to the occasional error. The game against Portugal will be extremely tricky. Portugal don’t give up goals but don’t score.

Chile were great to watch. Sanchez is quite the player and will trouble any defense. Can Chile go for it against Brazil and not get punished?

The Swiss were boring and deserved to go out.

Honduras were overmatched in every game. Hopefully this will be a platform to build from.

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