Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup 2010 blog

Amazing how I’ve been counting down for over 150 days, and yet the World Cup has still snuck up on me. It starts tomorrow and I’m scrambling to do my predictions, figure out where and when I’m going to watch and catch up on all of the news.

My goal is to write something everyday of the World Cup. I plan on watching a lot of games, not every, but most. (Games involving New Zealand and North Korea are definitely not high on my priority list.) I’ll be watching most of the games at work, but also plan to hit Claddagh’s and a couple of other places. So watch some games, try to keep up with the news and jot down some thoughts as we progress through the tournament. I promise it will not be live, local and late breaking, but maybe interesting and funny.

Already injuries are the big story of the competition. Big players for big teams out or not at 100%. Essien for me is the big one. I was really hoping he would propel Ghana out of a tough group, but now I don’t see that happening. If Drogba is out of the tournament, then the Ivory Coast has no chance of picking off Portugal and moving on. Only after the tournament will we really be able to measure the impact of key players being out of action.

I’ve already posted my predictions, which will probably be blown up after the first day. Enjoy the next 30 days.

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