Monday, March 29, 2010

Soccer on TV

Thanks to EPL Talk, Serie A Talk and La Liga Talk for the info:

Monday, March 29:

Man City v Wigan, 3pm, ESPN2

Tuesday, March 30:

Bayern Munich v Man United, 2:45pm, Fox Sports Net

Olympique Lyonnais vs. Bordeaux – 2:30 PM on Fox Soccer Channel

Wednesday, March 31:

Arsenal v Barcelona, 2:45pm, Fox Soccer Channel

Inter Milan vs. CSKA Moskva – 2:30 PM on Fox Soccer Plus (5:00 on delay on Fox Soccer Channel

Thursday, Apr. 1

Fulham vs. Wolfsburg – 2:45 PM on DirecTV channel 463 (463-1 for HD)

Standard Liège vs. Hamburg – 2:45 PM on DirecTV channel 464 (464-1 for HD)

Liverpool vs. Benfica – 2:45 PM on DirecTV channel 462 (462-1 for HD) (8:00 PM on delay on Gol TV)

Atlético Madrid vs. Valencia – 2:55 PM on Gol TV

Tuesday, April 6:

Barcelona v Arsenal, 2:45pm, Fox Sports Net

Wednesday, April 7:

Manchester United v Bayern Munich, 2:45pm, Fox Soccer Channel

Saturday, April 10:

Spurs v Arsenal, 7:45am, ESPN2

Aston Villa v Chelsea [FA Cup semi-final], Noon, Fox Soccer Channel

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona, 3pm, GolTV

Sunday, April 11:

Blackburn v Man United, 8:30am, Fox Soccer Plus

Man City v Birmingham, 11am, Fox Soccer Channel

Fulham or Spurs v Portsmouth [FA Cup semi-final], 11am, Fox Soccer Plus and

Saturday, April 17:

Man City v Man United, 7:45am, ESPN2

Spurs v Chelsea, 12:30pm, Fox Soccer Channel

Sunday, April 25:

Man United v Spurs, 8am, Fox Soccer Plus

Wednesday, May 5:

Man City v Spurs, 3pm, ESPN2

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pizza Dude: Memories

I’ve been delivering pizza for over a year now. I probably haven’t seen it all, but I have seen a lot.

For instance, my first day, I’m out with another driver. My first delivery experience went as follows:

Go to the local fleabag motel. He knocks on the door . . . repeatedly. Finally the door opens and we are met by a buxom girl in only a Tim Brown jersey. The room is completely black except for the sunlight leaking from the front doo. There is a form moving on one of the beds. Might be human, might not. The driver gives her the total and she grabs money off the table. And before he can say, “Thank you, blah, blah, blah”, she says, “Do you want to stay?” We look at each other and say, “Sure.” Are you kidding? There is not way I’m going in there. Now while she is showing great taste in wearing the professional jersey of the 1987 Heisman Trophy winner and one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL, there is not way I’m going into a dark hotel with no idea what to expect. And besides, she wasn’t that hot.

After delivering for a while, you develop regulars. My regular is a naked man. No naked boy here. A big, buff black man, probably 6’4” or so. He orders about once a week, almost always with a credit card, usually tips about a dollar. No porch light either, which is a little hard for me to correct, considering I’m 5’11” and 135 pounds.

Anyway, every time he opens the door, he’s naked. How do I know? I can’t be 100% positive, because I’ve only seen his head and one shoulder. The rest is behind the door. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say he’s naked. He takes the credit card slip, closes the door, opens it up and says, later.

My theory is that it’s a post-coital ritual. He’s a big guy and my guess is that he’s been having crazy sex with some broad in his apartment, gets done, has worked up and appetite and gives Pizza Hut a call. Puts the order on the credit card so all he has to deal with is a little piece of paper, since there is no place to put a wallet or checkbook on his naked person. Doesn’t even worry about putting clothes on and it’s all good. No muss, no fuss.

Friday, March 12, 2010

recent media intake

So 24 may be over and move from the small screen to the big screen?
YAWN. Honestly I never got into the show, even though everyone around me talked about how great it is/was.

Again, my comments re: 24. I like the idea. “Real time” instead of a movie covering all day but lasting 2 hours, ie Training Day, Collateral, etc.

--I think having the same guy “save the world” is a rip off of Die Hard 1-4, which I’m sure is a rip off of something else. Had they changed the main character, I might have bought in.

--If the protagonist is foiling some evil plot, can that be fully resolved in a day. People get away, all the pieces are not picked up, etc.

Moving on . . .

Saw this post from re: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
The song is solid. The video is a little dodgy. I’m debating whether to see BRMC live in Columbus or Cleveland later this month. I’m in sort of an anti-concert phase. Gigs don’t really get me excited. I have passed on the Dandy Warhols, Oasis and Sloan the last couple of months. I love these bands but I don’t need to see them live. I can spend the same money or less on a live DVD, watch it over and over again and get the same sort of satisfaction.

Saw the Hangover again. It’s good but not awesome. I was hyped up to believe that this was the funniest movie of all time. There were some great parts, like Ken Jeong bursting out of the trunk and his subsequent interactions with the group; Alan in general; and the break up sequence at the wedding. If it is on, I’ll probably watch it, which says something: the movie has some quality and I’m lazy.

I started Six Feet Under Season 3. It almost blew my mind when they showed Nate dying in opening sequence. My first thought was that the show would go until all of the Fisher’s had died and would end with them sitting around the kitchen table in some metaphysical funeral home. I thought that would be an interesting direction for the show, but that changed when action cuts back to Nate among the living. Lisa’s boss is highly irritating but compelling. I’m not sure why Keith and David or together other than the sex. Anyway, love the show and can’t wait to dig in some more.

Friday, March 5, 2010

recent media intake


The Bravery
The Bravery

I was introduced to this band on Pandora, with the track Unconditional. Then I found the song Honest Mistake. So I gave the album a chance. My overall impression is ho hum. It’s ok but not awe inspiring. It’s a little OK Go with some Racounteurs sprinkled in. Found a couple of tracks that I liked, in particular PSA and Rites of Spring. Tyrant has a great chill out vibe. I would check it out because I like the direction they are going.

Years of Refusal

To be honest, I didn’t even know Moz had a new album out. This album had a Southpaw Grammar feel to it. My favorite track is All You Need is Me. Snarky and driving guitar are always a big hit. Black Cloud was pretty good as well. The album was typical Morrissey, so take that for what it’s worth.


Zachary, A Letter to a Son about his Father

Jeff from the Totally Rad Show mentioned this movie so I picked it up at the library. For a while Dancer in the Dark was the most depressing movie I had ever seen. This blows it away. If you want to be horrified, inspired, crushed, angry, sick and want to have a full box of tissue cry, this is the movie. I don’t want to say anything about it, other than it is a documentary about how one person’s life can touch so many. Please see this movie as soon as possible. It will move you in a way that is impossible to describe.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

OK. Downey was great as narrator but didn’t really like his character too much. Kilmer could have done a lot more. The story was convoluted to me and took away from everything. Also, the movie seemed like it tried to be too cool, too aware of itself. If you’ve got 90 minutes to kill, this will work for you.


On The Road, Jack Kerouac

If I read it before, I don’t remember a single thing. Maybe it was Dharma Bums. Strange reading a book with no chapters and no paragraphs. Just one adventure, one event after another. I finally put it down. It made me want to ditch my life and just experience. I’ve done that in the past and I already know where that path goes. Also, to get in the vibe of the book, I would have get over myself and be able to beg and also have people send me money to keep my great American journey going. Don’t see that happening.

Legends of the Dark Knight, “Prey” Issues #11-15.

The story arc deals with Dr. Hugo Strange and his psychological battle with a young Batman. Batman has to fight on several fronts: police, crime and public relations. I have been trying to develop a screenplay for the next Batman movie. My original idea was Zsasz but it wasn’t working out for me. Moench’s story would be a great platform, but I would get rid of the Catwoman subplot though.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

social networking

Ahh, the joys of social networking.

I did a Facebook friend purge a couple of months ago. Had almost 200 friends—
acquaintances, players that I’ve coached and random others—but I didn’t check most updates. I’m really not interested. I mean I really don’t have that many friends and to have these so called people as friends on a social network was pretty ridiculous. It was a gots to go situation, so I got out the scythe and starting whacking away, with a goal of getting it under 100.

Honestly I don’t know who my friends are. I have plenty of acquaintances with plenty of superficial interaction, but very few capital F friends. It started as a coping mechanism because I moved around so much as a kid, but became my modus operandi due to my selfishness and introversion. So now people invite me to be their friend and I usually hit ignore. I’m glad you’re interested but no thanks.

I’m also on twitter, I just use it to fire off one liners, give quick reviews of media and re-tweet soccer and BIGGBY info. If they ever charge for it, I will probably bail. It’s cool but it’s not work paying for.

I have 80 or so followers. For a while I screened them for junk, but now I don’t even care. If you want to follow me, fine. Just know that I’m not going to follow you and your teeth whitening/porn site/positive thought of the day tweets. I do think it’s ridiculous that people would want to know what I’m doing every moment of the day? Celebs I get. Regular Joe going from work to lunch to home to kids basketball practice, not so sure. I only follow 30 people or so. Mostly co-workers and soccer blogs/sites. I can only take in so much info before shutting down.

So if you see out there in the interwebs, you can say hey, just don’t be shocked if I don’t say hey back and follow every moment of your life.