Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 4

Day 4’s opener was Holland and Denmark, with each team starting brightly. Denmark actually created some chances, which surprised me. The first half ended scoreless, with neither team opening the scoring. Denmark got off to a horrible start in the second half with a cross being headed off Agger and beyond Sorensen. After that Holland took control and added a second, a result which I predicted.

The following game was Japan/Cameroon. Cameroon were very poor in the first half and gave up a cheap goal. They were a little better in the second half but couldn’t find an equalizer. Japan were organized but nothing special. I had Cameroon winning the game and finishing second. This result hurts those chances.

The final game of the day was Italy/Paraguay. I scheduled a meeting at that time just so I wouldn’t have to watch it. Italy have to earn my viewership. De Rossi saved the day with goal to cancel out Paraguay’s opener. Heard that Buffon went off at halftime; possibly a back injury. Hopefully the injury isn’t that bad. Picked a draw and I think sets Paraguay on their way.

So far my results have been mixed. Hitting about 50% with 2 scores spot on. Hopefully the last two groups will boost my scores.

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