Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feature Presentation--The Modern Family goes Eastbound and Down Once in a Lifetime

A film about the rise and fall of the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League, it is a story with so many great characters—Steve Ross, Chinaglia, Pele, Clive Toye, Beckenbauer, Messing.  For a short window of time, soccer was popular in the US.  I'll be honest, the only thing I actually remember was the name Chicago Sting.  Don't know why.  The couple takeaways from this viewing were the fact that the Cosmos really were ahead of their time in assembling talent from all over the world; say what you want about Maradona, Best, Zidane, and Messi, Pele is truly a global icon; MLS did their homework and have built a stable league that will never conquer the American market but will continue to flourish. 

If you any interest in the history of American soccer, a must see.  If you enjoy locker room bust ups and athletes living the high life, you’ll enjoy this as well.

A well written, well acted comedy about life in these times.  Really enjoy the dynamic of Claire and Phil.  All of the kids are great and bring an added dimension to the show.  My favorite episode may have been the fencing/ice dancing one.  I can’t believe I passed on this show three times before finally watching it.  The 20+ episodes are daunting but they go by quickly

If you like Arrested Development, they you would definitely enjoy this show.

I had heard decent things about this show but really had no idea what to expect.  Well how about a profane, raucous, highly inappropriate comedy about an athlete on the downside of a career?  The show covers a lot of ground in only six episodes, with the cameos by Will Farrell providing moments of comedy gold.  I won’t rush out for season two, not because it wasn’t funny, but I’m not sure I need my vocabulary reinforced in quite that way.

Not for the faint of heart or family viewing, but worth a watch.