Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 14 Group F Review

Group F Group of Ugh.


1 Paraguay 7

2 Italy 5

3 Slovakia 4

4 New Zealand 0


1 Paraguay 5

2 Slovakia 4

3 New Zealand 2

4 Italy 2

My Group of Ugh really turned everything on its head. I managed to get Paraguay right, and had they beaten the Kiwis in the last match, I would have been spot on.

As pessimistic as I was about Italy’s chances, I could not have forseen the implosion that occurred. Were they too old? Was Pirlo missing that big of a factor? Was luck against them? The Azzurri were very poor and the defeat in a must win against Slovakia was devastating to say the least. The question becomes now what? Really now who? Will lead the line for them going forward? Will pull the strings?

New Zealand gave it everything and really turned some heads. They weren’t fantastic but they worked hard, got stuck in and took their chances. They went from one of the most unfancied teams going in to at least a respected side.

Slovakia. To be honest, I only watched the Paraguay game and they were totally taken out of the game. I don’t give them a chance against Holland, which means they will upset them to play Brazil in the quarters.

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