Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 14 Group E Review

Group E


1 Holland 7

2 Cameroon 5

3 Denmark 2

4 Japan 1


1 Holland 9

2 Japan 6

3 Denmark 3

4 Cameroon 0

Holland made hard work of it but won all three matches. I was am totally convinced based on their matches against Denmark and Japan. If teams get an early goal against them, I find it hard to see how they will break them down. If they do indeed meet Brazil in the quarters, I don’t think they will physical enough to knock them out.

Several previews told me this would happen (Japan progressing to the knockout phase) and I ignored them. The Blue Samurai got a scrappy goal to set them on their way against Cameroon. After that they were a little unlucky against the Dutch and had Sorensen to thank against the Danes. They progress but will have a tough time knocking out Paraguay.

Denmark were terrible. They kept Holland at bay before caving in. Against Cameroon, they recovered from a 1-0 deficit to win and looked to have a great chance of moving on but 90 minutes of utter dreck against Japan knocked them out. Jon Dahl Tomasson may have been the worst player in the tournament. Get out.

Cameroon. Everyone wonders why they don’t do well at the African Cup of Nations. They only start pressing when they go and behind, but by then it’s too late and they aren’t good enough. Le Guen really cost his team with a puzzling lineup in the first game and they never recovered. No points in the group is very disappointing. (Especially when I picked them to go second.)

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