Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup 2010 Day 6

Loved watching Chile this morning. They really went for it and I hope France and Portugal took notes. The Chileans were wasteful in front of goal though and will need to be sharper if they are going to take something off of Spain. A bright star was #7, Sanchez, who was a joy to watch. As for Honduras, they were poor. Really see them struggle to get anything v Spain and Switzerland.

Spain/Switzerland was like watching Inter/Barcelona from this year’s CL all over again. The Swiss were very organized but Spain should have done more. Iniesta was not sharp and it showed. Alonso’s smash against the crossbar was well struck but needed more of that. Villa was active but wasn’t wearing his scoring boots. Torres didn’t do much when he came in. So we’ll see if Spain can recover. If not they will be out, or face Spain in the round of 16. The Swiss are what they are. I’m sure Mourinho is proud.

Uruguay/South Africa was ok. Pienaar was disappointing. Forlan’s first goal had a hint of luck but the match needed something to open it up. It didn’t really, with lots of loose passes and chippy fouls. The PK was the correct call and killed the game. The third goal was as much as Uruguay deserved. The hosts will struggle to progress now.

Hopefully France and Mexico will go for it now, with Uruguay laying down a marker as possible group winner. Mexico might but who knows about France?

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