Monday, June 13, 2011

USA v Panama--Quick Thoughts

I was going to write some thoughts about the poor performance of the United States against Panama, but I ran out of time and then I read the post at, who said almost everything I wanted to say, but way better.

Post from Fuse at

I will add only three things:

First of all, the original announcer was terrible. He would just randomly say names or update moments of game. Plus he was switching between English and Spanish. Eventually they switched to a feed of @PhilSchoen and @Simply_Juan, which was tolerable.

Second, Jermaine Jones should be on the first bus out of the country. He was brutal in the first half and I tweeted that there was no way he would make it through the game. He would either be subbed at HT (came off after 60 min) or Red Carded out (lucky to avoid). He offers very little, and I want to know why Edu is not partnering Bradley.

Third, our forwards suck. Altidore is not up to this level. Agudelo comes in and out. Wondo missed a chance that should be converted by a national team player, MLS top scorer and MLS MVP candidate. It’s only when Dempsey goes up top that the US looks semi-dangerous.

Here’s hoping the US shuffles the pack and gets back on track Tuesday against Guadeloupe.

Otherwise there could be a new page created like this one:

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