Friday, June 24, 2011

In Your Ear-6.24.11

Black Angels, Phosphene Dream

I’ll be honest I don’t know how to classify this band—Wikipedia classifies them thusly: Psychedelic rock, Neo-psychedelia, Garage rock—I just know that I like their music. Stumbled upon the band somehow and have grabbed songs here and there over time. I listened to their album Phosphene Dream and was reasonably satisfied. Lots of guitar work through the album, which created some very interesting songs. Particularly liked the title track, Entrance Song, and Bad Vibrations. The cut Telephone is a catchy song that blends 60’s beach with heavy rock. In and out in two minutes. The album ends with The Sniper, which takes things down a notch before ramping up to rhythmic anthem for when that bender goes completely off the rails.

Sound Opinions Show #281

The guys replayed a Butch Vig interview from a couple years ago, in which he talks about how went from small time producer in Wisconsin to producing Nevermind and Siamese Dream to being in a band.

The interview was fascinating as Vig shared some stories about Cobain and Corgan, their moods, their genius, their interplay with other band members. These were some of the biggest bands and influences growing up so it was neat to hear a little behind the scenes. Vig also talked about his time with Garbage. Really enjoyed their first album; subsequent releases, not so much.

The hosts moved from the interview to a review of the new Foo Fighters album, which did not rate highly. They did have some good words about the Paul Simon’s new record, which should please Mr. Tony immensely.

iTunes Summer Sampler

Overall the sampler was ok. Found some really good tracks:

San Pedro - Mogwai

Driving garage rock instrumental track that I can get behind.

What About Us - Handsome Furs

Favorite track on the sampler from a group that I’ve found recently. Like what they are doing electronically in the background on this cut.

On the Corner - The Twilight Singers

Another favorite of mine. When I first heard this cut, I thought it would right off The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen CD. Turns out Greg Dulli is lead singer. Really could get into this band.

You Gotta Lose - Obits

Energetic cut with a punk vibe that hits you in the mouth and keeps on going. Dig it.

Here were a couple of losers:

Grown Ocean - Fleet Foxes

Haven’t really gotten on the FF bandwagon. This track didn’t help.

Mister Heavenly - Mister Heavenly

Uhhh . . . no. Couldn’t get into this track.

The Fox - Niki and the Dove

Didn’t really like this track. Too much going on plus I had mid 80’s flashbacks to Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and the like.

Comments on the rest of the tracks:

Lost in My Mind - The Head and the Heart

Slow build on this track with an enjoyable piano part.

Is It Done - J Mascis

Long time since I’ve heard anything out of Mascis or Dinosaur Jr. Not too bad, very understated track.

He Gets Me High - Dum Dum Girls

Hints of Elastica pepper this cut, which would be great for driving around.

Skull (Remastered) - Sebadoh

Had a little Pavement/Nada Surf flashback on this track, which was nice.

Do You Really Wanna Know - Papercuts

Ethereal track that has a 60’s vibe with some Decemberists and another band I can’t quite place.

Eyes Be Closed - Washed Out

Wish I could describe the track but I can’t. Imagine this is a take it or leave it track. I took it.

Can't You Tell - Vetiver

Dreamy song that reminds of early 90’s BritPop (blur, Charltans UK, etc.)

Swerve... the Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding) - Shabazz Palaces

Track totally different that any of the others, with a rap vibe.

O My Soul - Daniel Martin Moore

The Band meets Blue Rodeo if that’s your sort of thing.

Especially Me - Low

Would have to be in right mood to enjoy this melancholy track. Could happen.

Endless Summer - Still Corners

Organ based track that easily would have fit into Twin Peaks soundtrack. Very haunting.

Sleep Patterns – Memoryhouse

If you like the sound of the Editors or Interpol with female vocals, you’ll probably like this track.

Sara - Chad VanGaalen

Voice sounds like several others I’ve heard. So so track, nothing to get excited over.

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