Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Riddle Me This

So . . . workers are wrapping up a project on Northbound 127 between Saginaw Hwy and Lake Lansing Rd. It looks to me that they basically paved a lane that connects the two exits, which leads me to ask two questions:

#1, Why? Was traffic really that congested? If anything they should add a lane Southbound from Saginaw to 496 because that seems to be the back up during the morning rush hour.

#2, With money for roads (or any project for that matter) at a premium, is it really necessary to add a lane that connects two exits that are about a mile apart? There are dozens of streets around Lansing that are in severe disrepair. Selfishly, I refer you to the Potter/Walsh Neighborhood because I can’t get out of my neighborhood unless I go out of my way to avoid certain streets for which an off road vehicle is required. Plus there’s Southbound Homer St. that is deteriorating by the day. (And fixing the problem is not patching for what it’s worth. Do it right or do what you’re doing now—nothing.) Seems like paving trouble spots would be a better use of funding that adding a lane of one mile to 127, which is pretty much the same as Coolidge Rd.

#3, Side question, unrelated to the 127 project. How is it that Saginaw is going to be repaved from just before Capitol to almost Grand Ledge without anything being done about the side streets off that road? Just saying.

Road conditions are a major hot button for me. If I ever run for public office, that will be one of the foremost planks in my platform—smooth roads for all. Think about it. There are enough idiots on the road to worry about without having to dodge potholes and man hole covers, which is another rant that I won’t get into now.

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