Wednesday, June 15, 2011

USA v Guadeloupe--Quick Thoughts

Hundreds, dare I say, thousands of words will be written about the US/Guadeloupe game, more insightful, better written, more worth your time. Doesn’t stop me from venting.

I hereby dub this match US/Algeria II (stolen from @GrantWahl). US needs a result; opponents miss an early chance that would have surely killed the US’ chances; a great goal sends the US on their way.

The US brought more energy to the game than against Panama . . . until Jozy scored. After that, not sure if it was the Spurs pre game meal that did them in, or the fact that they got what they came for, or the fact that this country can produce dozens of top flight goalkeepers, but not one world class striker.

Let’s face it . . . that might have been Dempsey’s worst game as a US international (says the guy who rarely watches the team). I was really pissed watching the game last night, but after a night’s sleep, I realized that players have off games. Deuce had an off game.

The addition of Lichaj really opened up the game for the US. Gave balance of attack from BOTH sides and allowed Donovan to come inside and increase his presence. Did leave the US vulnerable in the back but the crisis was averted because Nabab couldn’t stay onside.

Wondo. All due respect, you are ten times better than me. You just aren’t ready for this level yet.

What is going on in central midfield? Jones continues to disappoint, yet continues to play. Bradley subs Bradley with seven minutes to go? What is that? At least Sasha saved his ‘stache.

The US has Jamaica on Sunday. Can’t really fancy their chances based on the performance in the group. A win might set up a rematch with Panama, which could be tasty.

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