Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Your Ear-1.26.11

Took a trip in the way back machine recently to 1987 and visited Aerosmith’s album, Permanent Vacation. I really enjoyed that album growing up with great songs like Rag Doll and Dude (Looks Like a Lady). The last track, The Movie, is one my favorites for the mood it creates. Surely this has been used in a movie. I picked up a copy of Pump in high school and that was pretty good, but it was pretty much down hill after that. And now Steven Tyler is on American Idol. Not sure about that.

Based on a recommendation from @soundopinions, I checked out Jaime Lidell's album, Jim. A couple tracks in I recognized a song, which I had already liked, so I was enjoying the album. I realized after a little while that the album alternates between upbeat, poppy tracks and more subdued soulful tracks, which I didn’t enjoy as much. So I liked half the album, especially the tracks Little Bit of Feel Good, Hurricane, and Where D'You Go?

Best Coast, Crazy For You. Again another suggestion from @soundopinions. Love some of the songs but getting through the album straight through was rough. Even I can only handle so much depression and longing wrapped up in pop songs. Sprinkle this band into your playlist, especially songs Boyfriend, The End and When the Sun Don’t Shine and you’ll be golden.

Foals, Antidotes. Somehow I came across the Foals. Maybe KEXP. Anyway, picked up the album at the library. They sound like somebody, I just can’t place it. It was ok.but didn’t find a song that grabbed me. Probably decent background music at a party.

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