Thursday, January 20, 2011

Feature Presentation--Hits and Misses

Lately I have had a real mixed bag in the movie department. Here we go.

Iron Man 2

Blech. The more I think about it, the more I don’t like it. Robert Downey Jr. was fine but his act was tired by the end. Don Cheadle was pretty poor I thought, which is a surprise. Samuel Jackson stole the show it has to be said. I hope they stay away from a SHIELD movie, but his cameos in Marvel properties should be quality.

The action sequences were over done and way too long. The fight between Stark and Rhodes was BORING! You know they aren’t going to kill each so it was just an exercise in property damage. Then at the end with Iron Man versus 50 rengeade suits, he somehow wins while not getting anyone killed? Please.

Maybe they’ll make a third, which will either finish the series on a high note or really take away from this property.

I would say, Bring on the Avengers, but I am not a Marvel guy. So do what you’re going to do.


English Premier League highlights 08/09

Some simply stunning goals and moments from that campaign. Glen Johnson’s chest trap and volley simply blew my mind. Rafael’s goal against Arsenal was quite good as well. Watching this, you can’t comprehend the speed at which these things happen.

Get this. Great way to kill 52’ or get ready for a match.

Solitary Man

It’s funny how I write a movie down to watch, and by the time I get it, I can’t remember why. This movie definitely falls into that.


The acting is fine, the story is ok, but once he sleeps with his girlfriend’s daughter, I was done. The rest of the movie was a man’s life unraveling as all his past mistakes came back to haunt him. I’m glad they didn’t resolve his choice at the end, but I don’t know that I would see this again.

How do I recommend this? Watch it if you’re as THE THE says, when you’re lustful, when you’re lonely and the heat is rising slowly.

Not really a date movie. I’ll say that.

When You’re Strange

This movie takes you through the life of The Doors, from the moment when Ray Manzarek meets Jim Morrison to the last days in France and everything in between. Narrated by Johnny Deep, the movie reminded me how, when they hit the heights, they were quite legendary. The focus is Jim’s motivations and actions and inner demons and paints a picture of someone troubled and talented that ruined himself in the end.

If you don’t know anything about The Doors, see this.

If you are a Doors expert, still with seeing for the extras at the end.

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