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In Your Ear-Favorite Oasis Songs

A couple of weeks ago, the person in charge of the BIGGBY mix wanted to get my stamp of approval before adding an Oasis song to the rotation. I said, which song, Wonderwall? Of course it was. That song was a mega hit and really helped launch them in the US, but let’s face it, that song is for kitty kats. So he asked me, What would I suggest? It got me thinking about what were my favorite Oasis songs of all time?

Here is my Best of Oasis playlist on my iPod:

What a great band. Almost 20 years of great music and fantastic concerts. I first saw them at St. Andrew's in Detroit in 1994, and Liam just stood there, belted out the songs and drank beer, with arrogance emanating from the stage. Noel would accompany him and was awful. I thought, this guy sings? Anyway, it was one of the great events in my life and I would go on to see them 8 or 9 more times, going as far away as Chicago to see them at the Rosemont Horizon. I loved their attitude and their sound and the constant shenanigans. This is what real rock stars did.

Anything from Definitely Maybe is solid. I wore out this CD out in college, with Supersonic getting me started on the band. For a while, that was THE song, but the more I listened, the more I came to love Columbia and Cigarettes and Alcohol. Slide Away also grew on me and became I song that if I heard it, I stopped what I was doing. If I’m in the right mood, I can really get into Live Forever.

(What’s the Story) Morning Glory is an amazing album, with single after amazing single. The title track, Roll With It and Hello grabbed me and nothing could beat Champagne Supernova for a moment of melancholy. She’s Electric was a guilty little pleasure of mine and I came around on Some Might Say. Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back in Anger are for the ladies and make great songs during the Dramedy when the break up inevitable occurs.

Then it kinda went sideways. If you take their next three albums, Be Here Now (1997), Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000), Heathen Chemistry (2002), you could probably put together a kick ass album. The only songs worth salvaging are Fade In-out, Be Here Now isn’t too bad, Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is, I Can See a Liar, Gas Panic, Force of Nature and Better Man. Now I admit, Better Man has no lyrics but the vibe of the song is so gritty and longing that I love it. All Oasis albums have balance, so you can pick any number of ballads or heartfelt tunes. I’m just not going to.

Don’t Believe the Truth gets them back on track, being the most complete album since Morning Glory. The disc opens up with three solid pop songs, takes a little dip with Love Like a Bomb, which oozes pretentiousness. The middle of the record finds a series of songs each with a unique flavor. On first listen, I wasn’t impressed, but further exposure changed my mind. I don’t love any of them but can tolerate them. Keep the Dream Alive is an anthem harkening back to the early days. A Bell Will Ring has some nice guitar riffs and rocks out after the opening bars. The final track—Let There Be Love—is ideal for some chick flick that I wouldn’t see.

Shock of the Lighting is my favorite song off of their latest and last album, Dig Out Your Soul. The album starts strong with Bag It Up, The Turning, and Waiting for the Rapture before peaking with Lightning. After that it’s just ok. I’m Outta Time is reserved and (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady is different. Falling Down gets things going again, followed by To Be Where There's Life, which has a nice psychedelic undertone. Ain’t Got Nothing and The Nature of Reality are not that great to be fair. Soldier On finishes the album and I really enjoy its trance like quality.

You can’t forget the B sides album The Masterplan. Acquiesce is a great song and the live version on There and Then is classic. Headshrinker rocks the house and is a pre-game song for any athlete’s album. Listen Up is a decent track.

So the Oasis era is over, although I think they'll do some sort of reunion tour within 5 yrs. Until then here are my Fav 5 songs:


The Shock Of The Lightning

Slide Away


Hey Now!

Listening to the albums again made me realize why this band will always be part of the soundtrack of my life. The energy, the desire, and the braggadocio is what rock n roll is about. My first mancrush was Liam. I envied the swagger and command of the crowd. Plus he was hooking up and married for a short time to Patsy Kensit (the blonde from Lethal Weapon 2). Couldn’t understand a word he said but it didn’t matter. So if you don’t like Oasis, I don’t know what to ya. If you do, do yourself a favor a take another listen to their catalogue.

1994: Definitely Maybe

1995: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

1997: Be Here Now

2000: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

2002: Heathen Chemistry

2005: Don't Believe the Truth

2008: Dig Out Your Soul

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