Wednesday, March 3, 2010

social networking

Ahh, the joys of social networking.

I did a Facebook friend purge a couple of months ago. Had almost 200 friends—
acquaintances, players that I’ve coached and random others—but I didn’t check most updates. I’m really not interested. I mean I really don’t have that many friends and to have these so called people as friends on a social network was pretty ridiculous. It was a gots to go situation, so I got out the scythe and starting whacking away, with a goal of getting it under 100.

Honestly I don’t know who my friends are. I have plenty of acquaintances with plenty of superficial interaction, but very few capital F friends. It started as a coping mechanism because I moved around so much as a kid, but became my modus operandi due to my selfishness and introversion. So now people invite me to be their friend and I usually hit ignore. I’m glad you’re interested but no thanks.

I’m also on twitter, I just use it to fire off one liners, give quick reviews of media and re-tweet soccer and BIGGBY info. If they ever charge for it, I will probably bail. It’s cool but it’s not work paying for.

I have 80 or so followers. For a while I screened them for junk, but now I don’t even care. If you want to follow me, fine. Just know that I’m not going to follow you and your teeth whitening/porn site/positive thought of the day tweets. I do think it’s ridiculous that people would want to know what I’m doing every moment of the day? Celebs I get. Regular Joe going from work to lunch to home to kids basketball practice, not so sure. I only follow 30 people or so. Mostly co-workers and soccer blogs/sites. I can only take in so much info before shutting down.

So if you see out there in the interwebs, you can say hey, just don’t be shocked if I don’t say hey back and follow every moment of your life.

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