Thursday, February 25, 2010

Throwing away an investment

JD and I were talking comics. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dark Knight Returns, Year One, good stuff like that. I’m a big Batman guy. Hate Superman. OK look at you. You’re invulnerable, etc. Not really fitting into the whole anti-hero mold.

Remember when they “killed” Superman? Superman #75. I bought the commemorative issue that came in a black plastic bag, because I thought maybe it would be worth something one day. So I kept it in my comic box and never planned to open it.

Then Michael Jordan retired (the first time). I knew there was a black armband in the bag, so I ripped it open, and wore the armband for the retirement of the greatest basketball player ever. Dorky I know. Especially when 18 months later MJ came back and eventually Superman came back.

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