Friday, March 12, 2010

recent media intake

So 24 may be over and move from the small screen to the big screen?
YAWN. Honestly I never got into the show, even though everyone around me talked about how great it is/was.

Again, my comments re: 24. I like the idea. “Real time” instead of a movie covering all day but lasting 2 hours, ie Training Day, Collateral, etc.

--I think having the same guy “save the world” is a rip off of Die Hard 1-4, which I’m sure is a rip off of something else. Had they changed the main character, I might have bought in.

--If the protagonist is foiling some evil plot, can that be fully resolved in a day. People get away, all the pieces are not picked up, etc.

Moving on . . .

Saw this post from re: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
The song is solid. The video is a little dodgy. I’m debating whether to see BRMC live in Columbus or Cleveland later this month. I’m in sort of an anti-concert phase. Gigs don’t really get me excited. I have passed on the Dandy Warhols, Oasis and Sloan the last couple of months. I love these bands but I don’t need to see them live. I can spend the same money or less on a live DVD, watch it over and over again and get the same sort of satisfaction.

Saw the Hangover again. It’s good but not awesome. I was hyped up to believe that this was the funniest movie of all time. There were some great parts, like Ken Jeong bursting out of the trunk and his subsequent interactions with the group; Alan in general; and the break up sequence at the wedding. If it is on, I’ll probably watch it, which says something: the movie has some quality and I’m lazy.

I started Six Feet Under Season 3. It almost blew my mind when they showed Nate dying in opening sequence. My first thought was that the show would go until all of the Fisher’s had died and would end with them sitting around the kitchen table in some metaphysical funeral home. I thought that would be an interesting direction for the show, but that changed when action cuts back to Nate among the living. Lisa’s boss is highly irritating but compelling. I’m not sure why Keith and David or together other than the sex. Anyway, love the show and can’t wait to dig in some more.

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