Friday, January 22, 2010

trip down memory lane: summer movies 1984 and 1985

On a previous Totally Rad Show podcast, they discussed the roster of movies from the summer of 1984. This trip down memory lane led me to research films from the summers of 84 and 85. If you grew up at the same time I did, this is really a golden age for fantasy and creativity and imagination that formed who were and our cultural touchstones.


The Natural: Redford’s story of one last shot.

Ghostbusters: Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Classic.

The Karate Kid: Ralph Macchio may be annoying but who can forget the Crane?

Conan the Destroyer: Grace Jones going psycho. Don’t forget Wilt Chamberlain.

The Last Starfighter: Playing video games is worth while.

The Neverending Story: No idea what was going on but watched it over and over.

Purple Rain: Great soundtrack

Red Dawn: This is the movie for anyone who played war in the backyard.


Fletch: Chevy Chase creates an unforgettable character(s).

The Goonies: Great film about friends and the search for treasure.

D.A.R.Y.L.: I remember this being dark and a little scary but cool nonetheless.

St. Elmo's Fire: The Brat Pack in another classic with a great title track.

Back to the Future: Took a ridiculous car and made it an icon. Sequels not so much.

European Vacation: Be a Pig! Be Pig!

Weird Science: Kelly LeBrock. C’mon now. 80’s babe.

Real Genius: When Val Kilmer was somewhat normal.

Teen Wolf : Michael J. Fox had this and Back to the Future in the same summer. Set for life.

Time to head to the local video store to look for some VHS tapes.

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