Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long's: Year in Review

Here’s a quick synopsis of 2009 for the Long’s.

Larry finished Kindergarten and moved on to the first grade after a summer of playing, including building his own go cart. This year, he took a karate class and started playing soccer. He continues to build up his Nerf arsenal and got a skateboard and snowboard for Christmas. We’ll see if becomes an extreme athlete.

Erin worked for Meijer, switching from produce to frozen foods in an attempt to figure out a schedule that worked for her and the family. Unfortunately it did not work out, as she became exhausted and the store was not able to meet her scheduling requests. She quit on New Year’s Eve. She has been helping a couple of ladies in the church and will continue to do so.

Austin finished his third year at the BIGGBY home office and has been involved in the company for almost 10 years. On the soccer front, Haslett had an ok season losing to Dewitt in the districts. He helped Dan Raben with the TNT U17 Girls through a season of highs and lows, with a couple of severe injuries that held back the team. He will be taking a break from coaching, with plans to help Larry if he continues to play.

This summer was the Long Cousin Reunion at the Neshoba County Fair. Most everyone was there and a good time was had by all. The photo scavenger hunt ended in a tie and Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Larry opened up their new cabin to the family for a wine tasting.

We traveled to several Christmases. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Lisa and Terry. Then we drove to Keith’s for the Goodrow Christmas dinner. Larry and Austin to Columbus to be with the siblings and cousins. (Erin had to work) On 1/3/10, we went back to Lisa’s for the Bailey Christmas dinner.

That’s about it. 2010 is upon us. Larry is back at school and Austin is back at work, and we continue to minister to the kids in the neighborhood. To keep active, Larry is playing floor hockey this winter; indoor soccer starts for Austin this weekend; and Erin is going to the gym.

Hope this letter finds you well.

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