Friday, January 15, 2010

My new job

FWD from Tom Butz, VP of Operations


I’d like to take a moment and announce an exciting change in the BIGGBY office.

Starting Monday, Austin Long will be taking over some new duties. This has been in the works for quite some time and we are ready to pull the trigger. To keep you in the loop, here some his duties:

Day to Day Duties:

*Drink Making
-Specialty Drinks
-Keg Maintainer
-Mixed Drinks
*Facebook Contribution and Maintenance
*Snarky Bumper Stickers
*Foosball Competitor
*Poker Coordinator
*Snack Eater
*Media Consultant
-TV on DVD
-Podcast Adviser
*Deadpan Look Coach

Research and Development Duties:

Increasing Meeting Efficiency
*Develop a MUTE button that works on VP and above personnel
Goal: Move things forward and allow the “little ones” to have input
*Develop a Meeting Content Condenser
Goal: squeeze out pointless chatter in the middle of marathon meetings

Develop an Underground People Mover with access from the basement connecting 5/3 building to Eastwood Towne Center, in particular Claddagh’s
Goal: Increase BIGGBY presence in immediate surroundings

Additional Duties:

Negotiate and secure 5/3 conference room
Goal: Convert conference room to include a putting green that shares space with a disc golf basket, a bowling lane, and a space for a soccer or hockey net

Secure a pool of season tickets to local sporting events and concerts

Organize pools (March Madness, Super Bowl, etc.)

Organize BIGGBY patio parties

Carry Jeremy’s Disc Golf Bag

Hotel accommodations-in-a-pinch Planner for the Annual Franchisee Meeting

His main focus will be keep up the energy and fun atmosphere in the office, while he himself will remain sedated, low key and marginally angry. We look forward to this development and hope you will help Austin has he takes on these new responsibilities.

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