Wednesday, April 6, 2011

In Your Ear-4.6.11


So driving around town listening to NCAA basketball games, I switched to the Impact during commercial breaks. I usually never listen to the radio, but accidents happen. The song playing grabbed me so I stayed to the end to find out who it was. The track was The Wall by Yuck. Seriously, that’s the name of the band. A name like that takes some stones. Sort of like Shitty Beatles.

So I took a listen to their self-titled album on Grooveshark. Not too bad. Besides The Wall, the track Operation was pretty good. The band’s sound seems to recapture the alternative sound of 90’s. Think Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth.

I’ll probably give them a try.


During my early Pandora listening days, I fell in love with a track called Napoleon Says by Phoenix. There was another track that popped up but wasn’t nearly as good.

During the drive up to the church retreat, Ryan and I were talking about music that we were listening to and he mentioned Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I told him I hadn’t heard of them but had heard of Phoenix. When I got into the office the following Monday, I did a quick search. Turns out that was the album name so I checked it out of the library.

It was a decent album, especially good for having on the background while doing work. Really liked the track 1901. There is also an instrumental track—Love Like a Sunset Part I—which is great. Another song to check out is Lasso.

I think there is one more album that I haven’t heard, so I’m going to give that a listen.

Recent tracks on I’ve stumbled onto:

  • A friend from high school and college replied to my last music post and suggested some songs which I checked out on Grooveshark.

    • The Lonely Forest "Turn off this Song"
      • Hypnotic guitar sucks you in and then track kicks off.
    • The Joy Formidable "Whirring"
      • Energetic song that drives along. Heard a little Arcade Fire vibe which is fine.

  • Amanda at work suggested several bands to check, one of which was The xx.
    • Intro
      • Instrumental track that totally chills you out.
    • Stars
      • Dreamy track that would fit right into an indie movie.

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