Sunday, May 2, 2010

Haircut Aftermath

According to the poll, the buzz cut barely won. There were some last minute run off votes, meaning there was a virtual 3 way tie between a buzz cut, Denis Leary and George Michael.

I went to the salon and presented my situation. Jenna advised me not to get the George Michael. Between the curliness of my hair and the maintenance involved, it was a no go. We finally settled on getting a very short version of Denis Leary. It accomplished a couple of things: cuts most of hair off (buzz cut) but also starts me on my way to letting my hair grow into the Leary pic. Since I don't get my hair cut very often, this allows me to ease into something.

So that's the hair situation for now. Thanks to everyone who voted and participated. I took a before and after pic along with my pony tail that was snipped as soon as I sat in the chair.

Thanks to Jenna @ Essex Salon in EL for helping me out.

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