Saturday, May 22, 2010

Champions League Final 2010

The Scarf v The Scowl. The Master v The Teacher. Punch v Counterpunch. Call it what you will, Inter v Bayern will NOT live long in the memory of fans. Another tactical masterpiece (read Inter defensive tactics) for the UEFA Coaching Nerds to savor and Milito took his goals well, but basically the game was a repeat of the second leg of Barca and Inter. Bayern had a ridiculous amount of possession but could do very little with it. Once the second goal went in with 20 minutes to go, you could find something else to do with your afternoon.

Mourinho got everything right as usual. Chivu got help with Robben, Sneijder pulled the strings in midfield and the defensive unit kept Bayern at an arms length. Bayern sent out a solid team but Schweinsteiger never got into the match and Olic was a shadow of the player who tortured United and Lyon.

Inter’s first goal was a smash and grab. Kick from the goalkeeper, flicked on by Milito, who received the return ball from Sneijder and froze the goalie. Demichelis was at fault and Maradona should be worried this summer. Inter were set up for the counter attack, which is exactly how they scored the second goal. What van Buyten was doing defensively, I have no idea. He had cover inside and yet stabbed when Milito faked to the inside, allowing the striker to walk in and slide the ball to the far post.

For me, the game turned at the beginning of the second half. Muller missed his chance and after that, Bayern never really threatened. Inter kept absorbing pressure, got the killer second goal and eased across the line. Bayern’s subs were worthless as I knew they would be. Gomes was/is terrible. Klose didn’t do much. Muller was wasted on the wing.

So that’s that. Inter wins the Treble in an amazing season which always seemed as if it was slipping away, yet they have all of the trophies. They avoided a catastrophic collapse in the Serie A, did just enough in the Coppa Italia and beat all comers in the Champions League, scoring vital goals when needed. Next season will be tough for them, even if Mourinho comes back. A long season followed by the exertions of the World Cup. I can see them winning the Scudetto for a sixth consecutive season (BLURGH!!) but not sure they can retain the trophy with the big ears.

On to the World Cup. 19 days to go.

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