Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So we welcomed a new member into our family about 2 months ago. Her name is Dimples and she is a Chihuahua. A friend from church went into the hospital and someone needed to watch her pets. Her daughter took the cat; we took the dog.

Of course this violates my very harsh anti-pet stance, but we are helping a church member in a time of need. But how can you not like pets? They’re adorable, playful, loyal and . . . And what? Time consuming, money sucking, annoying little things that I really don’t care about. NEWSFLASH: I am very selfish. I am not going to spend a moment or a penny on anything but myself, so I’m not going “pony up” for food and vet bills and accessories for something that isn’t, well, me.

But what about Larry? Won’t he miss out on the joys of running the cat ragged with a laser pen or creating an interesting aquarium for a fish or talking the dog for a walk? Yes. I didn’t grow up with pets and I turned out fine. As for Larry, he can have any pet any time he wants. When he’s 18 and out of the house.

So Dimples is with us for the foreseeable future. She went in for a hernia surgery last night (ouch) but should be back tonight. Two weeks ago she went in for an abscessed tooth and 8 more teeth fell out. So if she croaks on our watch, then we have to deal with Larry and how to tell him about death and how he should feel and all that. Again, no pets, no problem. But people die and then you would have to explain it to him. Point for you. I have to go now.

Update: Dimples has moved to another house. Another care giver presented themselves, so that’s that. We now have to air out the house to get rid of the dog smell, including urine and crap. The cycle of life moves on.

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