Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feature Presentation: Lots of Laugh, Fire and Blood

Hot Tub Time Machine

When I saw the previews for this movie, I thought it looked interesting.  What could be better than a hot tub, some girls and some brews?  A couple of the guys on my soccer team raved about it, so when I saw it at the library, I picked it up.

Meh.  Talk about the funny parts being the in the trailer.  It was a Back to the Future rip off and not nearly as good.  Yes we know life is about choices, but you don’t get a redo.  Shut up and suspend disbelief.  Ok, but make it worth my while.  Have better jokes and 80’s hair band flashbacks and poke a little fun at yourself.  Don’t have Chevy Chase wandering in and out, mumbling incoherent Zen comments. 


Season 3 sees Walter White struggle to keep his marriage and family together while being hunted down by vengeful cousins from a drug cartel.  Tensions are at an all time high in the White house as Skylar files for divorce, knowing the truth of Walter’s activities, but won’t tell anyone else in the family why.  Her stress leads to an affair with her boss, while Walter tries to keep things together.  All the time, Gus is protecting his key cooker from getting axed while trying to get him to make one last batch. 

I only made it halfway through the season before I had to return it to the library and I can’t wait to finish the season.  I see a lot of parallels between this show and the Sopranos in regard to leadership.  Walter White has a skill and some street savvy, yet he undermines himself with some of his decisions, reuniting Pinkman being his chief mistake. 

Anyway, the show—writing, storylines and performances—continue to be top notch and I hope I can completely catch up on the series soon.

Again reading for comprehension.  For some reason I thought this was a new Coen Brothers movie, not their first.  As soon as the first frame flickered across the screen I knew that this movie was not made in the last 20 years.  The film was a preview of the genius to come.  Very deliberate pacing, solid acting performances, a touch of the unusual, all leading to a dark conclusion.  Not their best by far, but interesting to see the beginning of these film-makers.

See it for film history reasons if nothing else.

As I tweeted after I watched the first episode, I have found a new personal hero.  Nearly twenty years on from Seinfeld, Louis CK takes the sitcom built around the comedian to a new level.  Part stand up, part struggling divorcee, part loving father, part depressing wanker, Louie looks at modern life with a very different perspective.  I admit he goes way over the line with some his comments, but when he looks at his childhood and examines his day to day routine, there are some real nuggets there.  He is not always the hero, but the light he shines on some issues really makes you stop and think.

See it.

I finally finished Rescue Me.  After seven seasons, the story of the guys from 62 Truck finally came to an end.  Tommy’s battle with his demons and addictions took several dark, funny and strange turns as the show built towards the finale.  In the end, he was able, for the time being, to remain in control and become the father, husband and firefighter that everyone could be proud of.

I really enjoyed the show.  I always say I hated season 4 because that’s the season he got sober and there was no edge.  This season, his road to sobriety had several speed bumps, dare I say roadblocks, and the tension created really kept the viewer interested.  As for the series finale, it was ok.  The last scenes were a little melodramatic but I don’t have a suggestion (right now) of what I would have done, so I’ll shut up.

Watch this show.  The relationships and developments of the characters are phenomenal.  The respect you will have for fire and law enforcement will grow exponentially.  And you might even learn a little about yourself, your demons and how you treat people.


  1. I've got about 4 eps left in Season 3 of Breaking Bad. I wish I'd started watching this show a long time ago. Do you have Netflix? They've got the first 3 seasons on streaming now.

  2. i only started earlier this year and really got into it.

    don't have netflix. just the library, so i'm a little behind on everything.