Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feature Presenation--A Boxer, A Fish & A Dog all walk into Mel's Drive-In

Resurrecting the Champ

Saw a preview for this movie and decided to pick up because of the story. Basically, a young reporter has a chance to “make it” but at a price. I'll leave it there.

Thought Samuel L. Jackson put in a solid performance. Hartnett was great when he got sucked into the lures of success but still not convinced as the morally confused reporter or dutiful dad.

After watching the film, did a little research on the story it was based on. If you want a spoiler, then read this article:

You've seen this movie before, probably better. Pass.

A Fish Called Wanda

I saw this movie years ago and really enjoyed it. Picked it up at the library, put it in the player and had to take a break after 30 minutes. I eventually finished it but it was a struggle. There is a great cast and decent performances, but too many sidebars. Could have been tighter, which would have given the movie more punch.

Some things are best left back in the 80's.

Best in Show

Funny every time you see it. This film has an amazing cast that brings the unique characters to life. Who thought a story about the seedy behind the scenes of a dog show could be so rich? Fred Willard steals the show as his character embarrases the hell out of his English co-host.

Great comedy. See it.

American Graffiti

Think I heard about this movie on the Tony Kornheiser Show. As luck would have it, I was scanning recently returned movies at the library and there it was, on VHS. Thank goodness we kept the VCR.

The film is about the angst and hope and awkwardness of leaving high school and home. Taking place on the night before two of the main characters head to college in 1962, it encapsulates everything about being a teenager: status, chasing after girls, doing nothing, looking for a beer, contemplating the future.

Many things race through my brain as I watched: how this was a precursor to Dazed and Confused, which was set about 15 years later; how great the music was (link to sound track info from Wikipedia:; and how the movie was a Hollywood snapshot of parents' teenage years.

A fun, melodramatic, and timeless tale. Worth seeing.

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